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Dried Mango

Taste the flavour and natural sweetness of our dried mango! The best dried mango can only come from the ripest fruit, and our mangos ripen on the trees, so you can really taste the difference. Out of season we use carefully selected imported mangos.

We stone and slice the mangos by hand and then they are dried to concentrate the flavours. We add nothing - we don't need to - no added sugar no sulphites, just pure mango which retains all those vitamins and minerals that are good for your health.

Our organically dried mango comes in packs of 60 grams and provides an ideal snack for children and adults alike. The dried mango is full of the essential vitamins and minerals and provides an energy boost without the harmful sulphites and added sugar. It is excellent in salads and when mixed into cakes and biscuits.

Foto del terreno con los arboles de mangos